Best Keto Bread Recipes

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I have always wanted to travel to Europe. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with Europe's history. The culture of Europe is so rich and beautiful. I have always wanted to sit at a small cafe in France and eat a giant bagette with copious amounts of delicious, expensive cheese. I would sip my wine and say things like "Yes, we are summering here." and I would only speak perfect French. And I would know all about the wine and cheese selection.


But alas. I have never even left the U.S. and the only French I kind of know is, "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" Which should be used sparingly if at all ;) 


The reason I am sharing this with you is of course because of bread. Yeah, it took a while to get to the bread thing, but it was always the end goal. 

So, bread. When most people think of low carb or Keto they immediately have a small panic attack as they have visions of eating only zucchini noodles and never again having a fresh baked piece of bread slathered in butter.

But, keto bread exists. And it is delicious. With a few simple swaps, Keto bread becomes incredibly doable and makes you feel like you are cheating, when you are not!


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Keto bread, similarly, may scare some people because I don't know too many people who make their own bread from scratch. But as someone who does, I can pull back the curtain and let you in on a little secret- It is not as hard as they all make it sound!

I mean seriously, if you have read anything at all by me, you know I am all about simplicity. Why make things harder than they need to be? Keto bread is no exception. I scoured the internet looking for delicious and simple recipes that would bring your keto bread dreams to life and I made this list you can save forever and ever. And when they day comes and your bread cravings punch you right in the face, you can turn to a delicious loaf of fresh bread that only has 2 (count em!) carbs per slice. Yeah. You will want to save this one for sure.



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This deliciousness is made with almond flour and a variety of cheeses. Use to replace hamburger buns, sandwhich bread or just devour them straight out of the oven like I would. We don't judge here. 

Get the full recipe here!



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Keto Connect refers to this as the Best Keto Bread. And I am not sure if they are wrong. This bread is perfect for toasting and is extremely versatile. Make a loaf or two Sunday night and you will have a week full of sandwhiches that will make you feel like you are eating all of the carbs in the world. (Pssst- Its only 2g Carbs per slice!)

Get the full recipe here!



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This delicious keto bread will make you forget you are on a "diet". Made with stevia and almond flour, a few quick substitutes make this blueberry lemon bread keto friendly and super amazing.

Get the full recipe here!



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Ugh. Bagels. The most chewy and decadent of all of the breads. Slathered in cream cheese and piping hot out of the toaster. Yum.  

Get the full recipe here!



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You can't beat the warm nooks and crannies of a traditional English muffin. This keto friendly recipe makes mornings easy, as it comes together in around 2 minutes. As a note, the keto diet does allow a small amount of nuts. The use of nut butter in this recipe should be eaten in moderation. 

Get the full recipe here!



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Cloud bread is all the rage. And why wouldn't it be? Made with a few simple ingredients you most likely have on hand, cloud bread makes you want to make all of your meals sandwiches. 

Get the whole recipe here!



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Saturday morning perfection, served up keto style. Made with almond flour and your choice of low carb sweetener, these are a wonderful treat you don't have to feel guilty about. I recommend using Swerve sweetener as it measures and tastes like 'real' sugar. Don't forget to grab your keto friendly syrup!

Get the full recipe here!



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Chewy, salty, and low carb- these keto soft pretzels will make your tastebuds jump for joy. Made with almond flour and other simple ingredients you most likely have in your pantry- you will want to make this recipe again and again. 

Get the full recipe here!



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Use this keto cheesy bread as pizza crust or just demolish it straight out of the oven!

Get the full recipe here!



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Oh I'm sorry. Did you say keto freaking donuts? I can breathe again. All of the deliciousness of donuts with none of the guilt. You heard me. Happiness. Though keto donuts are amazing and you will want to eat them for every single meal of your damn life; I am warning against that. Everything in moderation, my loves. 

Grab the full recipe here!



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Bring Red Lobster cheddar biscuits straight to your keto kitchen with this amazing recipe. Yum freakin yum. Cheddar, and garlic, and all things good come together in 3 minutes flat.

Get the full recipe here!


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Don't forget to grab my favorite easy keto substitutes before you dive into that delicious keto friendly bread!