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Are you considering starting the Keto diet and feeling like 100% overwhelmed?

Do you scroll through Pinterest for hours a day only to save recipes you will never actually make?

Are you bored out of your mind eating bland veggies and flavorless meat?


Cool. That's where I come in. 👇


Here is the thing, starting a new diet (of any kind) takes a whole heck of a lot of planning to be successful. Like a lot of planning. 


And if we are being honest, planning can sometimes lead to...

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During your planning process you may have asked yourself...


What can I eat?

What can I NOT eat?

How do I prep my food ahead of time?

What if I don't have time to spend all day Sunday prepping meals?

How do I actually stick with this thing?

What do I do if I am way super overwhelmed by meal prepping and have no idea where to start?


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I have done all of the hard brain work for you. 


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Plus in case you were wondering...There are some amazing bonuses


14 Day Keto Meal Plan


List of 'Keto Must Haves' for your kitchen and where you can get them without any effort


Delicious snack guide for when your cravings test your will power


Handy Fat Bomb Guide (because they are delicious and you need them)


A free Goal Planning Worksheet from founder of the Girls with Goals Movement


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But uhhhh why should I listen to you?


Okay, thats a fair question. Here it is- I am a research queen.


I love love love digging deep into something new and learning all I can about it. 


I was actually trained to research and sift through B.S. info to get to the things that really matter. 


I have been a solid ass meal prepper for many years and have seen amazing ridiculous results since I got super focused on getting organized in the kitchen.



But wait! I have questions!




The bottom line is this- being successful at any lifestyle change requires preparation and research. You can spend hours doing all of this work on your own, or you can get started right away, because I have done all of the planning for you. 



Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this guide, I won't be able to provide a refund. Once you have the guide, it is yours forever and ever amen. 

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