The 1 Tool That Helped Me Get 3k Email Subscribers in 3 Months

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When I first started to research blogging I kept reading two things that seemed to be beat into my impresionable mind. 

Pinterest and email subscribers. 

Pinterest is a pretty straight forward platform, though at the beginning, I was completely overwhelmed with it.

But email? Wasn't that dead? Didn't email die in the 90s???

Nope. It sure didn't.

In fact, in my third month of blogging, a substantial amount of my income came directly from my subscribers. My subscribers all of the sudden became my amazing customers. 

I am SO thankful for my email list. I love getting replies from my list asking questions and leaving comments.

But most importantly, email is a direct line to your target audience. 

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Here are some reasons building your email list from day one is SO important

  • You can provide free value directly to your target audience
  • You can get a big picture idea of WHO is actually interested in your content
  • You can send your subscribers a link to your newest blog posts to help drive traffic to it
  • Your list provides amazing feedback and gives you insight into what products your audience is actually interested in
  • Building an email list allows you to create sales funnels to have an automatic audience for your product

I use Convertkit to automate my emails. With this I am able to put in a small amount of time up front creating my email sequences (a series of emails designed specifically for one segment of subscribers).

With Convertkit, I am able to automatically send emails to my list immediately after they subscribe. 

So the question becomes how to I get subscribers in the first place?

The answer- Allison's Online Business Blueprint. 

This was my first (and only so far!) course I paid for. And I could NOT be happier with the purchase. 

The main thing I wanted to learn from this course was how to step up my email game and how to create a consistent brand. 

I went through the course reaaaaally slow. I did every lesson and each action step and I started seeing results within just ONE WEEK.

Some things you will learn in this course

  • Creating a strong brand
  • How to grow your audience AND email subscriber list
  • How to drive consistant traffic to your site
  • How to convert that traffic into subscribers and ultimately into paying customers. 
  • How to create your own paid product and sales funnel to make sales on autopilot

This is just the beginning, by the way. By far the most helpful part of the course is the fact that once you purchase it you get access to a private Facebook group that Allison runs. You can ask questions and get feedback from other members are Allison herself. 

I cannot state the value of this online community! Having a direct line to people who are going through the same things as you and struggling through the same blogging trials that you are, is so amazing.

The biggest result that I have seen from this course so far is the amazing growth I have seen in my subscriber list. 

I have gained 3000 subscribers in three months.

When I started the course I had 7 subscribers. 7. And one was my mom. Yeah. 

As I said in my post about my third month of blogging, I started off with Mailchimp as my email provider because it was free. 

While I was satisfied with it at the beginning, I soon switched over to Convertkit because it is much more intuitive. I can tag my subscribers and segment them MUCH more effectively and as a result I can tailor my emails to them more specifically. 

Creating personalized emails that people are actually interested in is something the Convertkit allows me to do on autopilot. 

For those who use Mailchimp, this screen may look familiar.

Do you see that, I got 849 in 30 days using the strategies in Allison's course!!!

mailchimp may 2018.png

But it doesn't stop there... here is my June 2018 Convertkit report.

June 2018 Convertkit

From June 6th when I joined Convertkit until the end of the month I gained 1676 NEW subscribers!!!

I am SO glad that I purchased Allison's course. If you are wanting a little more info on what will be taught in the class, just click here. 

If you are wanting to see what kind of amazing free things Allison has to offer, pick the area you want to work on and get a TON of great info for free!

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