Summer Living Room Decor

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pin sum decor.png

I am obsessed with blues. No, not the jazz blues. But the hue. The hue of blues. Ha, it rhymes. 

So sorry for that. Anyway, blue. 

I love all things blue! Our living room is full of cool colors including whites, blues, and grays. I love the crisp cool feeling of a polished looking living room. Incorporating pops of color into your neutral decor allows you to change a few key pieces and create a mostly new living room. 

Rotating out a few pillows, accent pieces and maybe a rug can make the whole room look refreshed and ready for a new season. 

With summer quickly approaching, I decided to pick my absolute favorite items from Target's collection of gorgeous home items. 

They are equally affordable and fabulous!


I would love to hear some of your favorite summer decorating techniques below! How do you spice up your decor when the seasons change?

PS- If you need some organization help, I have that right here! Because it doesn't matter how cute your decor is if you cant see it over the clutter, ugh!