8 Pantry Organization Ideas for Kitchens with No Space

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The pantry. The struggle. Half empty chips bags. Soup cans that have been on the shelf for 47 years. And never ever never evvvver enough SPACE!

In our very first apartment we turned a tiny coat closet into our pantry by adding a cheap plastic bookshelf. We made it work, and counted the days until we moved into a bigger place with a real pantry. 

And then it happened. We found the most beautiful home with the biggest pantry ever. Oh my gosh. 

The first time we ever saw our house I walked two feet in the door, turned in the pantry, stared for like 15 miuntes and that night we put an offer in. I mean talk about the importance of a pantry!

We have awesome shelving installed by the previous owners, and it is still my absolute favorite room in the house. 

As I mentioned before, we suffered through the tiny make shift pantry for many years and I learned a few tips and tricks along the way to keep a small space organized!

Because I know the struggle, I wanted to share tips to keeping a small pantry organized, these are the best of the best people. 

Snack Bins

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Found from Honey Bear Lane (See Source Below)

I keep granola bars, trail mix, and anything else random in snack bins just like this. Breaking down the boxes saves a ton of space and makes healthy snacking easier!

Grab some snack bins here! 


Magazine Racks for Cans

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Found from PBJ Stories (See source below)

Using magazine racks to store canned goods utilizes the vertical space in your pantry and makes everything look more uniform. Getting multiple racks for different types of cans (ie: vegetables, soups, broth, etc.) allows for easy access and quicker meal preparation! 

Grab some cheap magazine racks here! 


Over the Door Shoe Organizer

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Found from Vitamin-Ha (see source below)

Making the most of the wasted space on the back of the door takes some stress off of the shelves in the pantry. Keeping small items in the shoe organizer makes sure that things don't get lost and go to waste.

Grab your shoe organizer here!


Under Shelf Storage

pantry 4.jpeg

Found from The Kitchn (see source below)

I love the idea of keeping fragile items secure in an under shelf storage space! Not one inch of the pantry will go to waste!

Grab your hanging shelf here!


Stack in "U Shape"

pantry 5.jpeg

Found from The Homes I Have Made (see source below)

This hack is perfect for "skinny" pantries! Making sure that things are organized in a "U Shape" makes all containers easily accessible, and doesn't waste space! 

Grab some containers here!


Spice Rack Storage

pantry 6.jpg

Found from See Vanessa Craft (see source below)

Storing spices on the door is a great option to save space! I also love the adorable containers used here. Using clear containers with labels makes it easy to see what you are running low on. 

Grab some spice racks here! 


Glass Jars

pantry 9.jpg

Found from See Vanessa Craft (see source below)

Clearly, these glass jars are freaking gorgeous! I love the labels too! Storing in glass keeps ingredients fresh longer, and makes a pantry look more organized and visually appealing. 

Grab your glass jars here!


Snap and Go Containers

pantry 7.jpg

Found from Classy Clutter (see source below)

It is possible that this is the prettiest pantry I ever did see. All of this gorgeousness can distract you from the amazing use of space here. The cereal dispensers used utilize every inch of vertical space on the shelf! Getting loose snacks out of their boxes saves space and makes everything look oh so purdy. 

Grab your containers here!

The only difficult part about these ideas is choosing which one to do first! Let's get it done!



Snack Bins

Magazine Racks for cans

Over the door organizer

Under shelf storage

"U Shape" Organization

Spice Storage

Glass Jars

Cereal Dispensers