7 Linen Closet Organization Tips for Lazy People

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If I were to walk into your house and make a bee line for your linen closet, would I get hit with 13 washcloths hitting me in the face as I open the door?

That is the true organization test, by the way. If you open the door to something and a ton of shit falls out. That is when you know- you better start getting your stuff together!

SO. I am positively sure that at one time, your linen closet, like mine, was beautiful and organized and easy to access- but life happens. 

Actually, I told my wonderful-sweet-perfect husband that I was writing this post on linen closet organization and he literally laughed.out.loud. 

So. It looks as if I may need to do some reorganizing. I guess it only counts if you maintain it? Who would have thought! 

Since I know once you get this linen closet business together, you will want to organize literally every other space in your entire dwelling- I made a thing for that:

The Ultimate Organization Checklist

Let's channel that inner organization queen and dig into this closet together. I have made it easy, I promise. 

Random Tiny Object Storage

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Found from Dear Lillie (see source below)

First of all, those glass jars are freaking adorable. Secondly- I know that you have random objects floating around your linen closet that need a permanent home. If you store them in something this freaking adorable, everyone will think you are super organized AND have great taste. 

Get your jars here!


Wire Basket: Toilet Paper Storage

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Found from Simply Organized (see source below)

Utilizing the "dead space" in the bottom of your linen closet is crucial! Simply filling an adorable basket with extra toilet paper works perfectly, and is a budget friendly solution. 

Get your wire basket here!


Bins with Full Sets of Sheets

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Found from Finding Home Farms (see source below)

I am obsessed with this storage solution! Keeping an entire set of sheets (fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases) in one basket makes changing the bed SO much easier! Never worry about a surprise guest coming over and having to fumble through 27 wadded up fitted sheets just to get some rest. 

Get baskets here! and labels here!


Rolling Up Hand Towels

linen 4.jpg

Found from Better Homes and Gardens (see source below)

The "X-Shape" storage solution from Better Homes and Gardens is so smart and visually appealing! That closet really looks like it has it together!


Tiny Toiletries

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Found from Better Homes and Gardens (see source below)

Keeping commonly used items in easily accessible glass jars let you know when you are running low and makes your linen closet look like a million bucks!

Get some cute jars here!


Storage Bags for Comforters

Keeping bulky comforters, quilts, and duvets in storage bags creates more space and most importantly encourages you to get them OUT of the linen closet. Since most of these bulky items are only pulled out of the closet once a year when winter comes, keep them under your bed or tucked away somewhere else to provide more space for day to day items. 

Get storage bags here!


Sorting Extra Toiletries

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Found from The Creativity Exchange (see source below)

My linen closet contains a ton of linens but then also random things that have been stored there that ALSO belong in the bathroom. Many of us use our linen closet as an overflow bathroom cabinet storage. Keeping bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, extra soaps, not only make guests feel welcome, but make sure that you can easily see what you have left before you purchase more. 

Get storage containers here!

My Favorite Linen Closet Storage Options from Target