How I Made $1274 in my Third Month of Blogging

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Are income reports cheesy?

I don't know. I have never written one before. I find them inspiring. At one time I found income reports to be really super weird. 

Like in what other context would you be publicly sharing with someone how much money you make????

Here is why I am sharing my income with you- I want to inspire you. 

Not for some dumb reason like

"WOW blogging must be SO easy!"

"Make $305,900.00 overnight!"

"It takes no work to make this kind of cash..."

But for some legitimate and truthful reasons like...

"I am so in debt it is crippling and I want to make more money to pay some of it off"

"I am really passionate about something and I want to know how to reach more people with it."

"I want a side hustle that pays the bills AND allows me to work from my pajamas."

Those are reasons I can get behind. 

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The "Why" for Me

Here is a little story about my "early blogging days." LOL it was like 3 months ago- anyway, I started reading income reports and I was astounded. I was completely convinced these people were selling their organs on the black market or something. Like NO freaking way was someone making that kind of money from a BLOG. 

So, as a true skeptic- I kept reading. I was looking for inconsistencies, I was looking for lies, I was looking for... I don't really know what. 

What I found however, were real stories of real people making real money. 

And I know you have heard it one million times and you want to throw up all over me, but whatever: if I can do it YOU can do it too. 

I have a full time job. And a family. And responsibilities. But I wanted this to work. Like so bad I wanted this to work. So I busted my ass. 

I woke up an hour and a half early before work and drank one million cups of coffee and worked. Then I would go to work and work on my blog on my lunch hour. Then I would come home from work and work some more. 

Yes. Sometimes, that is what blogging looked like for me. The initial stuff (like actually writing, designing a website, setting up social media, and promoting the hell out of your stuff) feels like it takes forever. Pssst, it actually doesn't take that long, I promise!

My husband was literally like- "You may have an addiction to working..."

Well there are worse things! Ahem, meth!

Anyway, blogging is a ton of work but it is SO insanely rewarding. I remember checking Google Adsense (an ad network for your blog) and seeing that I made $2.74 and freaking out. 

Adsense 1.jpeg

I sent that screenshot to everyone I knew and said : "ITS ACTUALLY WORKING!!!!"

So how did you actually start to make REAL money?

In short- I invested in myself. I loved everything Allison did at Wonderlass and I loved her free content so I purchased her course.

The Online Business Blueprint changed my blogging life completely. And YES the course has paid for itself already!

In Allison's course, I learned how to convert traffic into email subscribers, how to actually drive traffic to my site through Pinterest, how to create freebies for my awesome viewers, AND a step by step guide on creating my own paid product. 

And that is just the short version...I constantly go back to this course to refresh and take notes all over again. Every lesson in her course is SO applicable and incredibly easy to follow. 

I run my site through Squarespace. I love what they do and though I am painfully NOT tech savy, it did not take me long to feel comfortable with building my own site. 

Take a hot second to think about something- you are creating your own website, your own content, your own social media presence and you are making money at it. This literally blew my mind. I don't know anyone in my "real" life who blogs. I have made connections online and found an amazing community of people supporting new bloggers, and for this- I am so thankful. 

When you get discouraged (and you will- hello depression burrito), remember that this is all YOURS. You have taken the steps necessary to create something from scratch and you are succeeding at it!

When I first realized this, I ran into our bedroom and screaming at my husband at 6am. I said " OH MY GOD I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR!!!"

Seriously, its the coolest feeling. 


Buuuut how do I actually do this?

I use a few tools to really make my blogging life doable. Since Pinterest gives me over 90% of my traffic, I invested in Tailwind. This is a Pinterest supported automated scheduler. (If you have not a single clue what that means, stay with me.)

Tailwind allows me to schedule all of my pins to go out every single day, multiple times a day and only requires attention about 2 hours a MONTH. 

Seriously. I am a member of over 75 group boards (insane, right?)! If I tried to post to every board on my own I would literally have no life and bloody finger stubs. Ew, sorry. 

If you are just getting started I totally understand the hesitation on paying for a Pinterest scheduler. If you use this link- you can get a month free to try it out, no string attached. And if you still need a bit of convincing- my traffic literally EXPLODED overnight because of Tailwind. 

04:2018 SQS Growth.png

Also a fantastic feature of Tailwind is their Tribes feature. Some the Tribes I joined reach over 2 million people! Woah! (Tribes are included in your subscription- don't you worry!)

Another tool I use is Convertkit. I started out with Mailchimp, because it was free. It definitely was a great option for me when I was starting out and had no income coming in. But now, I much prefer Convertkit because they have SO many amazing features to segment your subscribers. 

Because of Allison's course, my email subscribers went CRAZY. Like an average of 60 new subscribers every. single. day. 

Due to this AWESOME growth, I needed a system that would keep up with me and allow me to send personalized emails with ease. Convertkit does that for me. 

If you want to try it out for FREE, again, no strings attached, click here. 

So. What you have been *patiently* waiting for, the actual money part. 

June 2018

Pageviews: 195,000

Google Adsense: $306.11 (First 3 weeks of June)

Mediavine: $515.59 (I was approved the last week of June- yes, ONE week!!!)

Ebook Sales: $380

Amazon Affiliates: $72.56

TOTAL: $1274.26

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