Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half With These Genius Tips

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I don't know about you but I don't love cleaning toilets. It may just be me. But it is not a passion of mine.

It is not something I wake up every day and think,

"Gee! I just want to get elbow deep in a bowl that houses one billion germs!"

But, I have to clean toilets. Actually, I have to clean the whole bathroom in semi regular intervals if I don't want to be a trash human. So my goal is to get in and out of there in as little time as humanly possible. 

Using the tips and products below I can fully clean the bathroom in UNDER 15 minutes! Yes!

I know that you are on a roll, you know organizing and cleaning all of the things, reward yourself with a checklist of awesomeness to help you organize quicker.

I made this cute list to show you that you can clean your bathroom faster and better than you ever imagined.


My favorite tip to save time is by using the Clorox disposable toilet wands because once you use it, you just throw the end that touches the gross stuff away! 

Typical toilet brushes that are reusable hold tons and tons of germs and sometimes get weird and smelly. The disposable wand just gets thrown away and only the handle sticks around.

And guess what? They are super cheap. 

Grab your disposable toilet wand here! 



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Found from One Crazy Mom (see source below)

One of the smartest tricks on Pinterest is the dawn and vinegar shower cleaning hack. If you aren't familiar, the trick is that you fill a dishwand with half dawn dish soap and half vinegar. You keep this in your shower and every time you shower just quickly wipe down your shower and rinse with the water that is already running! 

This takes maybe one minute a day and keeps you from having to constantly deep clean your shower! Brilliant!

Jet Tub

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When we bought our house, one of the biggest items on my wishlist was a garden tub. Oh my gosh I love my tub. The relief you feel when sinking into a hot tub at the end of a long day is just amazing. 

A big bonus for me was that our tub came with jets! Before we moved in, the inspector cautioned us to clean our jet tub after every use so that the jets didn't get clogged and disgusting. 

I have found that the quickest way to clean your jet tub is to fill with water (enough so the jets are submerged). Sprinkle dishwasher powder in the water and turn the jets on. This allows the water and cleaner to get deep into the jets and it flushes out any gunk that is stuck! Give it a rinse and you are all set! 


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Found from Making Midlife Matter (see source below)

When cleaning my sink I usually wipe it down with paper towels and then disinfect with Clorox wipes and call it a day. Around once a month or so, I will do a vinegar soak on my faucets. This takes away the gunk, grime, and water spots without scrubbing which saves a ton of time and frustration! Score!


I have tried one thousand glass cleaners. Most of them were a streaky mess and I vowed to never use them again. Untilllll, I found this gem. Ugh, no matter what you do this cleaner will not streak! Also, it is super cheap. There is nothing worse than wasting a ton of time trying to clean a mirror and it is a streaky mess. 

Grab yours here!



Save time by ditching your old bucket and mop and getting a Swiffer Wet Jet. I use mine for the tile in my bathrooms and laundry room. Before I know it, I am done and I haven't broken my back carrying a bucket of water across my home. This is lightweight, inexpensive, and makes cleaning a breeze! Ditch your mop and upgrade to a tool that will help you clean twice as fast. 

Seriously, the Swiffer wet jet solution also smells fantastic and it takes like 2.5 minutes to do my whole bathroom.

Under Cabinet Storage

One of my absolute MUST HAVES when it comes to cleaning quickly is having all of my supplies within arms reach. I keep a lazy susan under the cabinet filled with paper towels, Clorox wipes, toilet wand refills, a small bottle of vinegar, and of course my favorite glass cleaner. 

When I am ready to clean, I grab the Swiffer and I am ready to go! Everything else is convenient and makes cleaning a little less tiresome. 

Alright my loves, what do you think? Do you think these products and tips will help you clean faster? Share your favorite bathroom cleaning tips with me!