9 Bathroom Organization Supplies You Can Get at Target

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Clutter stresses me the hell out. I love when things look nice and neat and in their proper place. I love a freshly cleared countertop and I get giddy with excitement over a beautifully organized closet. 

Though I love all of these things, my house was not always organized. When I first lived on my own, I did not value an organized house. I was busy and it seemed too hard to do. Once I did finally start organizing, man! It made a difference!

I started to feel more calm and confident about my space and I found that everyday tasks became a lot easier in an organized house. Since, I have become obsessed with all things that make organization a little easier. 

Target is a black hole of organization awesomeness. They have things in there you did not know you couldn't live without. 

Their bathroom organization section is fantastic! I share below my favorite tools for organizing your bathroom, simply and efficiently. 

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Shower Caddy

This is the shower caddy I use and I love it so much! I love that it hangs on the shower head and that it has cute hooks to store my loofah and razor. Putting things in the shower caddy gets random shampoo bottles off of the ledge of your shower. When they sit too long on the actual edge or shelf in the shower they get a gunk ring around the bottom of the bottle. (Do you know what I'm talking about here or is it literally just me...?) Keeping bottles on the shower caddy allow you to clean your shower muuuch faster and easier! And you know how I love to cut bathroom cleaning time in half! (insert shameless plug here to an amazing cleaning post!).

Grab this shower caddy here!


Extra Shelves for Caddy

This extra shelf matches the caddy above and provides extra storage. Because what woman do you know that has only one bottle of shampoo?

Grab yours here!


Makeup Organizer

This can be used on the countertop to store makeup used every day or can be put under the cabinet! Six different compartments make sure that every tool fits to make your countertops visually appealing and much less cluttered.

Grab yours here!


Stackable Drawer Organizer

This set comes with 12 stackable compartments that store random things that like to clutter your bathroom sink and drive you insane. Bobby pins, hair ties, earrings, nail clippers...If it doesn't have a spot, this organizer has you covered. 

Grab yours here!


Bins for Drawer Organization

These cute bins are perfect for storing extra bathroom supplies like toothpaste, tampons, and even straighteners! They are thin enough to fit into tight spots but short enough to easily fit in pull out drawers.

Grab yours here! 


Floating Shelves

Though clearly more of a commitment than getting some bins, these shelves provide extra storage for small items that clutter a bathroom. Utilizing the vertical "dead space" above the toilet, for example, makes sure that every inch of the bathroom is used to its full potential, and therefore, appears more organized. 

Grab a set here! 


Command Hooks

Command hooks. You need them everywhere, all of the time. In every room, behind every door, under every cabinet- command hooks. I am super jazzed that these cute brushed nickel hooks are specifically designed for the bathroom! Use to hang towels, jewelry, and whatever else your heart may desire. 

Grab yours here! 


Toilet Tank Storage

I use a skinny wicker basket like this one to sit on top of the toilet tank. I keep a couple new rolls of toilet paper and some air freshener in it, to make sure guests don't have to go searching all over to find what they need! 

Grab yours here!

Lazy Susan

As I mention in my post on cutting bathroom cleaning time in half, having a lazy susan under the bathroom sink is a must have! Using this to store cleaning supplies makes things more organized, more easily accessible, and will make cleaning less of a hassle!

Grab yours here!

So, tell me more about ways that you organize your bathroom! What organization tips make things run smoothly for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!