Don't Meal Prep Without These 4 Things!

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Isn't meal prepping just a fad?

There is always a new craze especially in the food world. We are constantly bombarded with the newest and greatest ingredient. From clean eating to crockpot dinners, we have many things fighting for our attention. Now, people are very interested in meal prepping. We live in a fast pace world, and we need things that are already prepared to throw in our bag and go! 

Wouldn't it be nice not to stare at the fridge for 30 minutes just wondering what to make?

I love being able to have food prepared so I can resist the temptation to run through the drive thru. There is something so fulfilling about having your meals prepared a head of time. Especially dinner. Am I the only one who struggles with dinner preparations? 

I work a typical 9-5 and by the time I get home at 5:45, I am exhausted. The last thing I want to do is think about preparing my dinner. Spending my precious free time exerting the tiny bit of brain power that I have left is not an ideal weeknight for me.

Imagine having your dinners planned out, and mostly prepared the moment you walk in the door from work. 

Now that is something I can believe in!

My goal is to make a simple, straight forward list of things you need to make your meal prepping journey easier and to show you just how simple it can be! 

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So let's do it!

  1. Foil- You will need foil everything. Foil pans, heavy duty foil, foil lids. All. Things. Foil. My absolute favorite thing is to buy foil pans in bulk. They are cheap, convenient, and I always need them! Go ahead and stock up, I promise they will not go to waste. Grab a roll of foil while you are at it; this is our secret defense against freezer burn.

  2. Ziploc Bags- These plastic bags provide another layer of defense against freezer burn and double the space in your freezer! Instead of putting soups/broths/sauces in bowls or tupperware containers, put them in Ziploc bags and lay them flat. Boom! You have doubled the freezer space!

  3. Good Tupperware- This is an absolute must. For a long time I went for quantity over quality in my storage container decisions. This proved to be exhausting. I was constantly fighting for space in my cabinets and I would let them sit full of expired food for much longer in my fridge! Purchasing a nice set of glass tupperware with bright colored lids will make storage and organization in your fridge a million times easier! Storing in glass makes food easier to see and look more appetizing! Anyone else get that weird film on your cheap plastic storage containers? Yuck! Check out my absolute favorite set here! I bought my Mom a set for Christmas and now I am her favorite kid!

  4. Sharpies- Oh yes! You will want to be a labeling machine when prepping your meals! Think about it like this- when you are prepping food a week, two weeks or even a month ahead- chances are you will have zero idea what you are pulling out of the freezer when it comes time to make that meal. I love using sharpies to label my Ziplocs and foil pans. I have tried tape when using reusable containers but the freezer storage makes the tape "unsticky" and all of your hard labeling work is wasted! Grab a new pack here!

That is it!

Notice I did not include items that require a long term investment.

Chances are, you probably have all of these things in your house right now. I have never seen a kitchen operate efficiently without Ziplocs!

Gather all of your tools and make a cute meal prepping basket! That way, whenever you are ready to prep your meals, everything is in one space! No more running back and forth from the pantry, to the office, to the kitchen to find all of the tools you need. 

Chances are, once you realize how simple prepping can be, you will want to do it every single week! 

What other essentials do you use when you are prepping your meals?

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