Why 5 Minutes of Cleaning Can Change Your Whole Week

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it is truth time

Listen, I do my best. I clean the toilets. I fold the laundry. I wash my dishes. I do what I can. But sometimes, I look around and I think a small army of hooligans has been living in my house and touching all of my things. 

Dishes are suddenly piled up, socks are in the middle of the living room, and twelve pairs of shoes are strewn all about our kitchen.

Is this only me?

Do you ever feel like you just get done cleaning something and it is destroyed again?

I power clean on the weekends. I do all of the tasks I don't have the time or energy to do throughout the week. I typically write out a list and take my time getting the sometimes mundane tasks done. Honestly, it is one of the best times of my week. I know that I have specifically carved out that time to clean things that will ultimately make things better in the next few days. 

While I love my weekend cleaning time, I have realized that about half way through the week, things are starting to look pretty rough again. Cleaning in big chunks is awesome only if it is maintained. I have learned that taking a solid five minutes each day to intentionally straighten up has made my life 1000% more manageable. 

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Personally, I straighten up as soon as I walk in the house from work. I have finished my work day and have had time while driving home to decompress. I am shifting from my work to home life. I know that after a long day, if I sit down on the couch, I will not get back up again. I will grab a blanket, cuddle a pup and watch six episodes of the Office before I even have to go to the bathroom. So I straighten before I sit. 


Here are the 7 five minute tasks I rotate to keep me sane:

Unload the dishwasher- This one is annoying to me. I'm not sure why, but I always put it off! In five minutes or less, I will have an empty dishwasher and a clean sink. Ah, bliss!

Wipe down the counters- for some reason, the counters in my kitchen tend to collect all sorts of things. Pantry items accumulate faster than any of them! Taking those things back to the pantry allows you to have a clear surface to disinfect!

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Gather the laundry- I am not sure about you, but sometimes my clothes just do not make it into the laundry basket. I leave a sweater at the door, socks in the bathroom, or sweatpants by the bed. Things happen. Just do a quick sweep and gather the stragglers. Check out my post here about making laundry kind of not suck. 

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Clean the Tub- This is one I forget about a lot. I love seeing a beautifully sparkling tub, but man do I hate cleaning it! I like to separate this one from my normal bathroom cleaning routine because if it is the only task that I do that day it goes so quick I may not even notice it! Get some Comet and a moveable shower head and it won't be as bad as you think.

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Dust- grab your handy dandy duster and get to work. A quick swipe of the duster can make your house cleaner and make you feel more in control at home! The duster above is my favorite! It quickly moves in and out of tight spaces, reaches the top of things I cant, AND the yuckiness can be thrown away after you are done!

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Vacuum- Pick one room that needs some vacuum love. Just focus on giving that one room a quick spruce, the rest can wait. We finally invested in a lighter weight vacuum and oh my gosh it has made all of the difference! I can finally vacuum without breaking my back!

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Clean the Toilet- This takes less than 5 minutes and is one million percent more valuable. Having a pretty clean toilet can really turn a day around. And the toilet bowl cleaner smells so nice, it will make you think you have been cleaning allll day. My new obsession is cleaning with the Clorox Disposable Toilet Wand. Finally I can just throw away the end of the toilet brush that gets so gross! So cheap and so worth it!

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What are your favorite five minute cleaning tasks?


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