3 Foolproof Ways to Make you Like Laundry

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may receive a commission or credit at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here*


*This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may receive a commission or credit at no additional cost to you.*

Nothing is worse than waking up at the ass crack of dawn to go to work only to realize that all of your work clothes are dirty.

The scramble begins. You pull a wadded up pair of pants off the floor of your bedroom only to put them directly to your face and do the dreaded “sniff test.” Oh yes, the sniff test is the old tride and true. If you have ever thought, how many days in a row can I wear these one pair of clean pants before it becomes unacceptable, then maybe give this post a read through 

 Sundays are my day to get my life together.

I have time to write, drink plenty of coffee, clean bathrooms, and prep our dinner for the week. Sundays I do my best to deep clean things on the weekends.

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Maybe your day to clean and prepare is Monday, maybe Friday, maybe you don’t have a day.

I worked in the restaurant business for a while. And anyone who has been in retail in that capacity knows, the hours are ridiculous. At one point I was going to school full time, working at night, and trying to manage a household in the mean time. I was spreading myself too thin and in no time I burned myself out. I have learned from that and I guard my "day of rest" with my life. 

I do everything in my power to make sure that I am home on those days and can spend time just getting things organized for my sanity.

If you give it a try, I promise, the sacrifice will be worth it! 

All of this to say, if you don’t have a day- make one. If you cant make a whole day to get things done- then be intentional about carving out a few hours throughout the week. Planning 30 minutes or an hour every other day can really add up and can make your home life a lot more manageable.

So, laundry.

I have found that many people are overwhelmed by doing laundry. We are very grateful to live in a time where doing laundry  is not difficult, but it can be annoying.

My grandmother tells stories of literally having to wash her and her seven sibling’s laundry on a washing board. God bless it, those days are over for us.

We toss clothes in the washer and boom bang- they are ready to go. I have found that as with many household chores, it is not the chore itself but the thought of the chore that makes people dread it.

So lets change our minds about laundry.

Lets really do our best to tell ourselves that laundry is not the worst thing that will happen to me today and that I can for sure do it. Here is the way that I got over my “I hate laundry slump”

  •  Buy products that make you happy- listen, laundry is not glamorous, I get it. So why not treat yourself to laundry detergent that you really like? Take an inventory of your current laundry detergent, do you still like the smell? This may seem ridiculous, but I always get more excited to do something when its new! Try a new scent, get some scent boosters, do what you have to to treat yourself to something new, even if it is just soap.

    Grab your scent boosters here!

My absolute favorite detergent is Tide with Downy. The scent lasts forever and it gets stains out like you wouldn't believe.

Grab a new bottle here!

  • Distract yourself- I am a big advocate of watching shows while cleaning. First of all, it makes the time go by way quick and second it makes an otherwise mundane task more enjoyable! If I am watching the office while doing dishes, I am more focused on Bears, Beets, and Battle Star Galactica then I am on the fact that I just touched three day old soggy macaroni. If  you aren’t big on TV, listen to your favorite music, get silly and sing along! I promise, you will actually kind of enjoy it if you do.
  • Work smarter not harder- what is one thing you absolutely hate about doing laundry?

            Is it that your dirty clothes are all over?
            Is it that you never have time to fold your laundry?
            Is the handle on your laundry basket broken?

Seriously, evaluate why you hate a specific chore and do your best to remedy it. We often get so entrenched in our slump that we come to accept the annoying things that can be easily changed.

If your clothes are taking over your house,  have cute baskets in a few rooms that double as laundry baskets. Tell your kids/husband that if the clothes aren’t in the basket- they aren’t getting washed. Lay down the law, Mama!

My favorite set of cute laundry bins are available on Amazon. I love the grey set because they match basically all of the rooms in my house. They are adorable and hold a ton of random stuff when you want to look organized.

Grab yours here!

If you have a problem getting laundry folded, enlist your kids or husband to help with this too! Having your kids getting involved in chores at an early age helps them understand the importance of keeping a clean home and it helps you to stay sane. 

The last one sounds silly, but often times we do not think of the simple solutions! Replace the broken basket! Many of us get into the habit of going through the motions- we get used to the wonky dresser drawer, we get used to storing things in one spot, etc. What we don’t realize is that life would be much easier if we made these small adjustments to make things more enjoyable!

Tell me your least favorite chore and I will come up with something to make it better!

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