5 Cleaning Products You Can't Live Without

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Is your house perfect? Cool. Me neither. 

I love having a clean house. Who doesn't? Is there someone out there who would prefer to live in a gross, messy house over a wonderfully cleaned and organized one? NO! 

I sometimes fantasize about having a self cleaning house. One that just repels dirt naturally. Everything I would throw socks on the ground the house would just magically pick them up and wash them...

But, as much as I want that, it is not real. 


So if I like to have a clean house I need to be realistic about HOW I will actually make it happen. 

My secret weapon to keeping a clean house without wanting to die every five minutes.

I have a secret that will turn your hate of cleaning into a like and maybeee even a love.

It is ALL about the products. 

If you are using the wrong products, cleaning can be difficult and frustrating. You want the products to work for you, you don’t want to work for the products!

My mother’s hosue is always perfectly clean. And I mean that. Like its stunning- all. The. Time. I keep asking her how she keeps it clean and she keeps telling me the same thing- I don’t know, I just do.

Thanks, Ma. Anyway, like most women I was taught to clean by my mother. Who was taught to clean by her mother. Who was taught to clean by…you guessed it, her mother.

And as generations of cleaning techniques are passed down, we often tend not to alter them too much. If it ain't broke, right?

Well I learned that what worked for my mom, really didn’t work for me. And you may try some of the products I swear by and they may not work for you. And that’s okay. What I am encouraging you to do is to find the products that you LOVE so that cleaning wont be as much a dreaded chore, but possibly a welcomed item on your to do list.

Speaking of products, I mention more of my faves in this freeeee thing below to organize the heck outta your whole house! Woohoo!


Here are the things you CANNOT live without!

  • Disinfectant wipes- they clean literally everything. My kitchen counters, the kitchen table, bathroom sinks, the top and outside of the toilet, the microwave, seriously anything we have ever touched. First of all, they smell delicious. Secondly, they really do disinfect things! They keep your germs at bay and make your surfaces look and feel cleaner! 

    Grab a new pack here!
  • Baking soda-alright stay with me here. Let me preface by saying I have tried to make my own natural cleaners. They aren’t my thing. I like chemicals. I know, I know, the Earth! What about the Earth! Anyway, a natural product I love is baking soda. I sprinkle it in my kitchen and bathroom sinks when that funky smell comes up. You know what I'm talking about, the one that wont disappear no matter how much soap you put down the drain? Anyway, sprinkle that down there and – BAM! Fresh as a daisy. I also sprinkle it on the bottom of my dishwasher. What is with that funky dishwasher smell by the way? Isn’t it supposed to clean my dishes not make them dirtier? Anyway, this handles it.

    Grab some here!
  • Vinegar- listen, it smells disgusting but sometimes it is worth it. I think that a lot of natural cleaners all turn to vinegar as the base of their product. That’s okay, but personally, the smell makes me gag and my husband hates it a ton. I try to use it sparingly, but there are a few places I cannot replace using vinegar! The first being my stainless steel kitchen sink. Sorry, but nothing cleans the faucet better than a paper towel soaked in vinegar. Leave that puppy on there for 20 min or 3 hours if you forget, its fine. And voila! A new shiny sink. Secondly, I use the same paper towel soaked in vinegar tactic for my water dispenser tray on the outside of the fridge. Again, leave it for 20 minute or 3 hours based on your attention span and boom- shiny and new.

    Grab a new bottle here!
  • Paper towels- this seems basic but is OH so important. Growing up, my mom taught me to use old rags to clean our bathroom. I would use two rags each time I cleaned. One for the shower and sink and one for the toilet. I would find myself spraying the cleaner on the shower and using a wet rage to scrub in the cleaner. If I am being honest, all I was doing was spreading around the dirt. I would constantly rinse off the rag and go back to cleaning. Talk about a time waster! Use a paper towel before anything touches your surface. Get the dust and hair off of the surface with a paper towel before you even think about spraying that foam bleach. And once that paper towel has served its purpose-into the trash it goes! It is like it never happened…

    These are a little over $1/roll here!
  • Glade Plug Ins- okay this isn’t a cleaning product but it is possibly the best one on the list. Seriously these plug ins are like $3 and will change your life. I put them in my living room and in the entry way of my house. That way, when people first walk in the smell a hint of your favorite scent. This way, even if you haven’t cleaned that day- it sure smells like you did. My favorite trick is using the snuggle scent. That way, I can trick my guests into thinking I am a great housewife and have been doing laundry all day when in fact I have a head full of dry shampoo and my washer hasn’t been used since last Tuesday.

    Get the warmer here and the Snuggle scent here!

Its fine, its all about the illusion.

Anyway, those are my top five! I always have these products in my cleaning arsenal! What product can you not live without?

Products Mentioned

Clorox Wipes

Glade Plug Ins

Snuggle Scent Glade Refills


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