3 Reasons Why You Need Online Grocery Ordering

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The grocery store. The place where you spend too much money, time, and sanity.

What if I told you that there was a way to never enter the grocery store again?

Ah, I have your attention.

I love the feeling of having a well-stocked kitchen. The day or two after grocery shopping is always the best time for me. I get to be creative with my newly purchased ingredients AND I don’t have to worry about shopping again for at least another week! That, is a win win!

Typically I don’t mind going into the grocery store when I am by myself and I have enough time. However, finding time to actually be by myself AND have enough time is nearly impossible.

So, I found a new solution. Ordering my groceries ONLINE.

Oh the holy grail of stocking kitchen. I grocery shop in bed. Under covers. With two pups keeping me warm. You can’t do that in Walmart! I mean I guess technically you can, but you may get kicked out of the bedding section. 

what the hell is it?

For those who aren't familiar with the amazing online grocery ordering phenomenon. Let me give you some education. Online grocery ordering is going online or on an app to search a store's inventory and add items to a virtual cart. The customer pays online and schedules a time slot where they will show up at the store to pick up the groceries they picked online. The customer doesn't even have to get out of their car, SCORE! 

Grocery stores have recently begun making their websites and apps more user friendly, making it almost impossible to come up with a reason to shop in store! It is so dern easy to order online, y'all. 

This is good news for anyone who wants to save time and money.


But why should I do it?

  • It saves your TIME! My goodness, our weeks are filled with so many things. The last thing I want to do as soon as I get off work is to drag my tired self to the grocery store to spend at least an hour filling my cart with groceries. By the time I get to the checkout it has been at least an hour and I haven’t even paid yet! I push my full cart outside into the rain/sleet/snow and load the groceries into my trunk. I breathe a sigh of relief as I find happiness getting back into the front seat of my car. Whew. With online grocery ordering I curl up on my couch and build my list right on my grocery app. Within 15 minutes I have a “cart” full of groceries and I am not even a full episode into the office! With one click, I have purchased, paid for, and received confirmation for my order. Including time picking up my groceries, I spend a total of 30 minutes a week from start to finish grocery shopping.

  • It saves your MONEY! I have heard people object to online grocery ordering because some stores charge for the service. Stores in my area charge anywhere from $0-6.95 per order. Walmart charges nothing and Kroger charges $4.95. These are my two go to’s because I know their product and their process. I usually choose Kroger over Walmart even though they charge because of convenience and online coupons. Even though they charge for their online grocery pickup service, I am able to save money with the coupons. I also save MUCH more money than going inside and being tempted by impulse buys. When I order online I type exactly what I need into the search bar and it comes up. I can automatically see all of the prices of similar products and what coupons are available. This allows me to resist the temptation to impulse buy items that “look” good and allows me to easily compare prices. On average I spend $10-25 more each week shopping in store as opposed to online. I will pay $5 over and over again because of the time and hassle it saves me! Also, Peapod allows you to DOUBLE your coupons which will save even more money!

  • It saves your SANITY! I have never hated going to the grocery, I liked being able to look at all of the products and see all of the things. What I didn’t love, however, was fighting the crowds. Oh my goodness, you seriously have to be a freaking Indy car driver to weave in and out of those lanes with a giant cart! No thank you, Ma’am! Even if you do manage to navigate the tiny aisles with an oversized cart, Lord help us all if you forget something. You have finally made it to the aisle near the check-out lanes and you have realized you forgot the bananas by the entrance. Cue the waterworks. With online grocery ordering the only thing I have to worry about is falling asleep before I hit submit on my order. What a nice concern to have.

I love working smarter not harder, this is it, my friends.

I have attached a handy dandy list of stores that offer online grocery ordering. Some require pickup and some have delivery options!

Search your area to see what stores are available to you! 





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